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Industrial Congress 2014: real economy according to industry experts

Industrial Congress 2014: real economy according to industry experts

St Petersburg Industrial Congress will again accompany the St. Petersburg Technical Fair days 2014, 12 to 14 March, highlighting the most newsworthy and challenging issues of the industry. 

The core sessions of the Congress 2014 are Plenary discussion entitled Global Industrial Progress through Experience, Investments and Science, Assembly of Top-manages and Chief Technolgists, culminating in the Hi-tech Day. The Organising Committee is introducing you the main pillars of the business program 2014 in the relevant section of the event website.

This event is an annual get-together of 1000+ industry professional in the field of industrial development of Russia. The representatives of business, power authorities and top managers of the leading enterprises will focus upon the problems and prospects of the development of industry and science during three-day debates.

The Organising Committee kindly invites everyone aware and involved to contribute to the program of St Petersburg Industrial Congress 2014. The registration of delegates is carried out on regular and special basis in case of group participation.  Participants are invited to tell about case studies, innovative and engineering solutions, make product presentations, and networking.

For any inquiries please don`t hesitate to contact us via industrial@restec.ru , or phone +7 812 303 88 66