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The Great Imperial Crown replica visits Hermitage and JUNWEX St Petersburg

The Great Imperial Crown replica visits Hermitage and JUNWEX St Petersburg

A replica of the Great Imperial Crown of Russia recreated by Smolensk Diamonds jewelry group was presented at the Hermitage General Staff Building on January 31, 2013.

After Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage, welcomed guests, Hermitage curator and member of the Higher Expert Board "Jewelry Russia" Olga Kostyuk have artistically told the story of Grand Imperial Crown. The evening ended with a demonstration of the Smolensk jewelry masterpiece to the guests.


The presentation is timed to the 250th anniversary of the coronation of Catherine II celebrated in 2012, and this year 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Since Catherine II, coronation ceremony in Russia was accompanied by the movement of a set of royal regalia: kept in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, they went to the ceremony took place in the Moscow Kremlin. 

"The Replica Crown is made of white gold of 585 millesimal fineness (14 carat), decorated with one natural rubellit, 11,500 diamonds of the smaller size compared to original, as well as 74 pearls, however, not Russian, but Australian", - said Deputy Director of Kristall Production Corporation Vyacheslav Rayevsky.

The large replica of the Imperial Crown is almost a complete copy of the original, accimplished in six months according to a three-dimensional computer model. 

Before it goes to Moscow's Diamond Fund, a replica of the imperial crown in all its glory will be exposed in public at the JUNWEX St. Petersburg exhibition by RESTEC® held from 6 to 10 February at Lenexpo.

Key facts and figures

All-Russia Jewellery Exhibition Program

The Organising Committee of the 21st international jewellery forum JUNWEX St. Petersburg, February 6-10, 2013, reports that the wholesalers from 139 cities and 62 regions of Russia has already been accredited for visiting and exhibiting at the event.

Despite the fact that the St Petersburg exhibition venues does not allow to accumulate all the interested companies as Moscow ones, and that JUNWEX Moscow 2012, was actually the biggest show in Russia , number of visitors in St Petersburg is still increasing the indicators of Moscow edition. Breakdown of the visitors by type of business: wholesale and retail 76,72%, jewellery manufacturers 12,48%, other 10,8%.

The number of accredited attendees from Russian regions also moderated: in comparison with the previous 2012, Central federal district has increased by 7%, North-Western federal district by 3%, and the representatives of the Far East federal district decreased by 4%, as well as  visitors from the CIS counties. In 2012, the exhibition showcased 623 companies at the total space of 25.000 sqm and was visited by 49.647 people including 17 532 professionals.