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Seeking solutions to transport problems

Seeking solutions to transport problems

Expotraffic, INTERtunnel, TransCon: roads and bridges, and Urban infrastructure – all together showcased from 12 till 14 March 2013 at Expocentre, Moscow representing  traffic management technologies and intelligent transport systems by a 100+ exhibitors and 3000 trade visitors.

“It has been a while since the last exhibition of similar profile was held in Russia, therefore, professionals really miss such trade fairs that are particularly up to the point now when programmes intended to develop intelligent transport systems are being implemented in Russia and companies have much to showcase”, states Sergey Zaitsev, Director General of Olivia Company. “New products were demonstrated by the competitive market players at the exhibitions in Moscow that represent a professional platform for communication with partners and potential customers.”

“The exhibitions generated a great deal of interest since they had involved foreign companies and active market players. Comparing to the specialised exhibition in Amsterdam which we have recently participated in, Moscow visitors are very competent, well-informed and know what they want. According to the words of representatives coming from Voronezh, Minsk, etc.”, says Elena Ananyeva, Business Development Manager at OJSC Imtech Russland, “such exhibitions should be definitely held in Moscow and I hope this will happen again next year.”

“Many interested visitors come to the exhibitions”, specifies a Deputy Director General at LLC “Swarko Trade and Service”, noted Ekaterina Kuzmina, Deputy Director General at OOO Swarco Trade and Service. “We are planning to attract attention of administrations of those host cities where games of FIFA World Cup will be held in 2018. These regions are particularly interested in the development of intelligent transport systems and traffic optimisation.”

Exhibitors and participants of business meetings of the 5th Transport Congress, as well as the 5th Russian International Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, held on the same dates in Expocentre, stressed a keen interest in the advanced technologies. In 2014, these transport industry events are pre-scheduled for spring. 

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