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Unique international forestry event in Novosibirsk, already next week

Unique international forestry event in Novosibirsk, already next week

On September 10-13, 2013, Novosibirsk Expocentre International Fairgrounds will host the Siberian International Forest-Industry Forum Siberian Forest-Industry Development Strategy. The Forum is to become a platform for business communication of forest-industry experts from 9 countries of the world, viz. the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France, Belarus, Austria, Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

On September 10, 2013, the Forum will be opened with the Plenary Session: Siberian Forest-Industry Development Strategy. Search of new strategic tools to develop the Siberian forest industry.

The session is to consider. the state programme of Development of the Forest Industry up to 2020 and the role of forestry in development of the Siberian forest industry, improvement of investment attractiveness of the sector and advantages of the Siberian forest industry.

Activity of the Department of Public Policy and Regulation in the Field of Forestry of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in the field of legal and regulatory framework is to be covered by P.V. Trushevskiy, Неаd of the Department of State Policy in the Sphere of Application and Reproduction of Woods of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation. V.V. Grachyov, Director of Non-Profit Partnership 'Forest Union', will speak On the role of self-regulated organisations in development of the forest sector. Allan Flink, Indufor, Finland, will address the Plenary Session with the Suggestions on improvement of competitiveness of the Siberian forest industry.

The business programme of the Forum is to include the industrial business sections, viz. Investment attractiveness of Siberia. Attraction of financing to forestry projects, Forestry: social and economic aspect, Business strategies of today: what companies ‘grow’ and why?, Timber harvesting. Saw-milling. Woodworking. Equipment and technologies of timber-harvesting, saw-milling and woodworking companies. Development of wooden house-building.

The second day of the Forum will be opened with the section Forestry. Timber harvesting in the Siberian Federal District. Problems and solutions. The section will listen to the following speakers:

V.V. Grachyov, President, Non-Profit Partnership 'Forest Union'; O.A. Konyushatov, Executive Director, Forest certification, LLC; N.A. Petrunin, General Director, Research Centre for Forest Economy and Environmental Management; I.V. Verveyko, Deputy Director for Forest Strategy, JSC Ilim Group; S.M. Shvets, Head of the Department of Forestry of Novosibirsk oblast; Tuomo Kuaranne, General Director, Arbonaut; Mark Palahi, Deputy Director, European Forest Institute (EFI); N.M. Shmatkov, Forest Policy Project Coordinator, WWF Russia etc.

On September 10-13, the Novosibirsk Expocentre International Fairgrounds will host a series of events dedicated to the timber industry of Russia beyond the Urals held within the framework of the exhibition and the business programmes of the Forum, including the International Specialised Exhibition TEKHNODREV Siberia, the International Summit Experience of the Leading European Companies in Woodworking and the exhibition of innovative composite materials of raw wood MATERIA.

The Summit invited more than 450 experts of the forest and woodworking industry to discuss development of saw-milling in Siberia, forms and possibilities of application of biological fuel in Russia and prospects of use of wood and saw-timber. The leading companies Vecoplan AG, MegaKone Oy, Promill Stolz, RUF, Springer, Comerc, Olofsfors AB, LLC Amkodor, LLC Komek Machinery will present their products.

Traditionally, the business programme of the Forum will serve as a framework for the Business Contacts Exchange, i.e. a venue for negotiations and conclusion of contracts and agreements between customers, suppliers, strategic investors and representatives of the business community.

Work of the Siberian International Forestry Forum, the International Specialised Exhibition TEKHNODREV Siberia and the International Summit Experience of the Leading European Companies in Woodworking is to be translated in Twitter. The online channel of the event enables you to comment on the events, receive the latest information about the situation at the venue of the event, see or publish photos of the on-scene situation on-line, leave feedback of the event, question other participants of the online-discussion. You can take part in the online discussion in Twitter by adding the hashtag #tdSiberia to your message.

Professional visitors can take part in all evens free of charge after preliminary registration on the site

Twitter wall is to be available during the Forum days with official hashtag #tdsiberia

The Forum, the Summit and the Tekhnodrev Siberia Exhibition are organised by RESTEC® Exhibition Company and LLC Deutsche Messe RUS Exhibition Company, Russian representation of Deutsche Messe AG.

The Forum is actively supported by the President's Deputy Plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal District, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Forestry Department of the Siberian Federal District, the Government of Novosibirsk oblast, the Mayor of Novosibirsk, the Interregional Association of Economic Interaction of Subjects of the Russian Federation, Siberian Accord, the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO), the Novosibirsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, RAO Bumprom, Non-Profit Partnership 'Forest Union', Non-Profit Partnership 'The National Union of Bioenergy'. Content partner: interactive forestry portal FORESTEC.