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Russia Day @ ONS-2012

INTSOK and ONS co-operated on behalf of Participating Partners to invite a Russian delegation brought since 1998 by RESTEC® Exhibition Company to Stavanger during ONS2012.

A Russia Day held at Halten Meeting Room, ONS Venue on Wednesday 29 August featured presentations from Gazprom and the Ministries of Energy and Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation. Not mentioning Russian experts of the industry, the seminar attracted attention of totally over 90 representatives of international companies and mass media.

Deputy Chairman of OAO "Gazprom" Valery Golubev welcomed seminar participants, and the word passed on to:

  • Vsevolod Cherepanov, Head of the Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Production "Gazprom";
  • Alexei Davydov, Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance "Gazprom Geologorazvedka" (former Gazprom dobycha Krasnoyarsk);
  • Yuriy Podzorov, director of offshore projects of JSC "NK" Rosneft ";
  • Mario Mehren, Member of the Board of Wintershall Holding GmbH

In their presentations, all speakers talked about the state policy in the sphere of subsoil use and ecology on the shelf and the prospects for the integrated development of energy resources of the Arctic shelf of the Russian Federation. Responding the questions araised, Vsevolod Cherepanov, Member of the Board of JSC "Gazprom", declared that participants of the project of the Shtokman field development decided to push it back. "All parties agreed that the costs are too great for us to do it at this stage. Our gas reserves are significant... We should not make hasty decisions," -  Cherepanov, quoted by Reuters.

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